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Based on the analysis of longitudinal data in the paper presents the characteristics of pea yield, yield increase, depending on the dose of fertilizer application and tillage. Given the loss of humus and the main nutrients to the drain of the soil. Designed humus balance in crop rota- tions. Defined ecological and economic efficiency of cultivation of peas on sloping lands

SUBJECT: the return on fertilizer crops; peas; ecological and economic efficiency; yield increase; yield

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The 68th UN General Assembly declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (IYP) in November 2015. «Pulses can make a significant contribution to the solution of the problems of hunger, malnutrition, addressing environmental issues and improvement of human health», - said General UN secretary Ban Ki-moon in a written statement read out at the opening ceremony of the International Year of Puls ...

SUBJECT: cultivated area; peas; chickpeas; variety; yield

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In 2013, 2014 and 2018 on 6 varieties of narrow-leaved lupine the effect of meteorological conditions on the accumulation and distribution of dry matter due to adaptability was investigated. Determined: the varieties Kristall, Vityaz' and Orlovskij siderat are characterized by an optimal distribution of plastic substances in contrasting moisture conditions. With sufficient moisture supply in t ...

SUBJECT: narrow-leaved lupine; meteorological conditions; productivity; grain yield. 37; matter yield

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Grain production is rightfully considered a backbone segment of the agroindustrial complex and the basis for solving the food problem. In the formation of the national grain potential, the role of individual regions is not the same, since the territorial features of the natural and climatic and economic conditions predetermine significant differences in the conduct of economic activities. The ...

SUBJECT: yield; grains and legumes; effective development; oryol region; production sustainability

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Sown areas of leguminous crops in the country require not only expansion, but also their rational placement according to biological characteristics, to complex of natural and climatic factors and to possibilities of use for food, fodder and industrial purposes. So in the Central Federal District the leading positions are occupied by peas, in the Privolzhsky Federal District, the chickpea and l ...

SUBJECT: soybean; technologies; yield; acreage; leguminous crops

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Basic stages of assessing competitiveness of the technology of faba bean cultivation for grain under conditions of the right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine are grounded. It is established that inoculation of seeds in combination with micro-and macro-elements and the system of fertilization that included basic fertilizer application and foliar nutrition at critical periods of organogenesis of fa ...

SUBJECT: coefficient of the integral assessment; coefficient of energy assessment; coefficient of energy efficiency; faba bean; yield capacity

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As a result of the work found that weather conditions in 2012 and 2013 the largest ga- thering of protein and oil in maturing soybean varieties Lantsetnaya was obtained by sowing its May 20 – 6.72 centner from hectare and 5.00 centner from hectare, at an early variety Sawyer 5 largest gather- ing of protein was obtained at sowing April 30 – 7.38 centner from hectare and oil at sowing June 10 – ...

SUBJECT: grain quality; selection; yield; collecting protein; collecting the oil type

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The article is devoted to the use of nontraditional types of organic fertilizers, which are the waste of alcohol production. In the result of three years of studies proved the economic and economic effectiveness and optimal dose use leachate stillage under crops of perennial grasses (on the example of Timothy grass meadow).

SUBJECT: position of hay; the chemical com-; the filtrate of alcohol stillage; yield; timothy grass

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In the context of the north-east of Kazakhstan 14 buckwheat varieties studied Ka- zakhstan and the Belarusian selection. We select the most productive varieties line E-7015, Carmen, Nine, Shortandy 4 (L-84), Shortandy 3 (L-95). According to the results of environmental and industrial grade variety trials Nine proposed for transfer to the state variety testing in Kazakhstan

SUBJECT: state variety; buckwheat; yield; testing; phenotypic evaluation

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The use of nitrification inhibitor has a positive impact on the security of nitrogen nutrition of plants and rice yield without lowering grain quality

SUBJECT: grain quality; fertilizers; nitrification inhibitor; yield; rice

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