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The objective of this work was to evaluate the productivity and the incidence of rot grains, after the harvest of cropping maize hybrids cropping of southwest Goias State. Where evaluated maize hybrids: P30F90; DKB177; AG7010; Cargill 306. The design experimental was of blocks with four treatments and four repetitions. The sowing was in December 16, 2007, in zero tillage, being the maize sown ...

SUBJECT: 真菌; 谷物饲料; mycotoxins; سموم فطرية; setas venenosas

POSTED TO: Revista Agrarian [1984-2538]


En la Estación Experimental Tropical –Pichilingue del INIAP, se evaluó la resistencia al hongo Ceratocystis cacaofunesta (Ceratocystis fimbriata) de 88 individuos de cacao (Theobroma cacao L), pertenecientes a la colección “Chalmers”, bajo condiciones de laboratorio y campo. Para el efecto, se usaron dos métodos de inoculación: en el laboratorio se inoculó cortes longitudinales de segmentos de ...

SUBJECT: mycelium; micelio; أنماط جينية; hongos; 真菌

POSTED TO: Rumipamba [1017-3277]

Drunken horse grass (DHG) (Achnatherum inebrians) is a weed of the grazing lands of China, and contains an endophytic fungi (Neotyphodium spp.) producing the neurotoxin ergonovine. The following experiments investigate the effects of endophyte and ergonovine content on the nutritive value and on the symptoms of toxicity of DHG hay fed to sheep in Xinjiang province, PRC. Endophyte infection in ...

SUBJECT: toxicity; نباتات طفيلية داخلية; 真菌; فطريات; valeur nutritive

POSTED TO: Options Méditerranéennes. Series A: Mediterranean Seminars [1016-121X]