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Irrigation experiments were conducted during November to April under wheat crop in the winter season of 2012-13 and 2013-14 in the farmer’s field at Galibkhedi village located in Karnal District, Haryana State, India. In the study, collapsible multi-outlet pipe (MOP) along with single outlets pipe (SOP) was tested in farmer’s field under wheat cultivation. Irrigation was carried out in five tr ...

SUBJECT: irrigation systems; soil water; farmers; technology; resource conservation

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Performance of two fodder crops namely, sorghum (Sorghum vulgare L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) was investigated with Willow (Salix alba L.) to evaluate productivity and economics of the silvopastoral agroforestry system in Kashmir valley. The experiment was laid out by planting two year old willows at 2.0m × 2.0m spacing and dividing the main plot into sub-plots of size 8m × 2m each with 5 repli ...

SUBJECT: economics; fodder crops; silvopastoral; soil nutrients; biomass

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Zinc and boron nutrition in pulses: A review

Anju B. Raj et al. [2019-09-10]

Zn plays major role in many physiological processes viz., chlorophyll formation, pollen formation, fertilization, protein synthesis, cell elongation, nodule formation etc. Hence, Zn nutrition favourably influences the growth, yield, physiological parameters and nodule formation in pulses. Similar to that of Zn, B also plays a major role in the functioning of reproductive tissues, structural in ...

SUBJECT: boron; growth; nutrient uptake; yield; nodule

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By nature coastal saline soils having several constraints in crop production in addition to that of heavy metals contamination deteriorate the soil productivity. To restore these contaminated soils, various remediation techniques in practices must be revamped. The present study was conducted to enhance the accumulation of heavy metals lead and cadmium in sunflower and improve the crop producti ...

SUBJECT: cadmium; remediation efficiency; lead; zeolite; edta

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Ecobiology of coal mines and spoils

Anjali Sharma et al. [2019-09-10]

Coal is an important non-renewable source of energy, which is being constantly used by mankind for various purposes. Coal mining activities affect the surrounding ecosystem by contaminating it with traces of toxic metals, which may accumulate and affect the diversity and abundance of biological communities. A number of microorganisms, such as, filamentous fungi, yeasts and bacteria are known t ...

SUBJECT: coal mines; coal spoils; microbial degradation; microflora; miners health

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The nature of an ecosystem can be easily assumed by the presence of planktonic diversity, as they have a major role in oxygen amelioration, binding and removal of toxic substances from water body. The present enumeration deals with the annual algal diversity from the Lakhna town of Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. During this one year period, total fifty-four species of Algae recorded viz. Achnanthes mi ...

SUBJECT: etawah; algae; diversity; lakhna; freshwater bodies

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Orange banded blister beetle, Mylabris pustulata is an important species of Blister beetles and has been found to cause economic damage due to its polyphagous nature. In the present study, M. pustulata was found to be feeding on maize crop from Sarson village of Almora, Uttarakhand which is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range. This article brings i ...

SUBJECT: blister beetle; uttarakhand; mylabris pustulata; maize; almora

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The purpose of this study was to introduce nutri flour in the development of value-added food products. Nutri flour was developed using malted wheat, malted barnyard millet and malted pearl millet. The proximate composition, iron, some anti-nutritional factors (oxalates, phytates) and antioxidant activity were determined for developed nutri flour and conventional flours like whole wheat flour, ...

SUBJECT: barnyard millet; pearl millet; food product development; nutri flour; conventional flours

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Solitary bees belonging to genus Megachile are important pollinators very crucial for the wellbeing of the ecosystem. Large scale surveying will return a wealth of spatio-temporal species data which is critical for systematics, taxonomy and conservation of biodiversity. Detailed taxonomic characterization of solitary bee species belonging to subgenus Eutricharaea collected from the Sutlej basi ...

SUBJECT: genitalic structures; sutlej basin; collections; eutricharaea; megachile

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Intensively cultivated rice-wheat cropping sequence of Punjab, India responsible for many sustainability issues viz. declining underground water, declining soil health, arising micro-nutrient deficiencies etc. Around 1.3 M ha-m additional withdrawal of water from the ground is being taken place annually in Punjab and mainly it is used for the rice crop which is not a traditional crop of the re ...

SUBJECT: igps; puddling; water saving; rcts; rice

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