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In the present study, the effect of seaweed gel and seaweed fortified granules on earthworms of Eudrilus eugeniae and chilli co-cultured in pot mix was studied.

SUBJECT: betterment; earthworm; capsicum; var; seaweed

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

It is logically acceptable in a true premise to say that there exist multiple effects in various activities taking place from the land to the environment. These effects are now spreading rapidly making human, animals, air, soil, water, plants, and planet even more vulnerable to multiple exposures. Interestingly, agriculture and environment are both interrelated and connected but only human act ...

SUBJECT: anthropogenic; ecological; forest; exploration; environmental

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

Journal Article


Murasheva A.A. et al. [2018-04-16]

Latifundia is a large agricultural enterprise, a private property of a single person or a large corporation. Comparative latifundia are found throughout Russia, and a large class of latifundists has been already formed. The problem of our country is that this process is accompanied by business and power merging. The purpose of our study is to analyze this issue, to show the most significant co ...

SUBJECT: regulation; latifundia; prospects; legal; status

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

According to the natural and climatic conditions, Russia is located in a zone of risky agriculture: there is a precipitate deficit on 80% of arable land, and excessive over moistening on 10% of arable land. This is also complicated by climate aridization. In drought years it is practically impossible to implement intensive agrotechnologies and adaptive-landscape farming systems without the use ...

SUBJECT: efficiency; продукционный потенциал; прогноз урожайности; орошение; изменение климата

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

The literary and own data on participation and interrelation bacterial Nod-factor signaling and components calcium, NADPH oxidase and NO synthase signaling systems of a plant on preinfectious and infectious stages of formation of legume- rhizobium symbiosis are generalized. The physiological role of Nod factor, reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS), calcium (Ca2+), NAD ...

SUBJECT: активные формы кислорода (афк) и азота (афа); nadph-оксидаза; role; systems; legume-rhizobial

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

Due to the lack of natural woody vegetation on flat or elevated relief elements, protective afforestation is associated with the introduction of tree species of foreign origin. Uncontrolled process of enrichment of protective forest plantations woody plants in forest-poor regions leads to invasion.The goal is the development of regulations for the selection of woody plants to safely enhance th ...

SUBJECT: biodiversity; sustainable; древесные растения; woody; инвазии

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

The article examines accumulation of macro- and microelements in the leaves of Momordica charantia L. and Trichosanthes cucumerina L. grown using grafting method. It contains data on the content of key mineral nutrients in the leaves of examined crops. It marks high calcium content in the leaves, attaining 6.51-10.73%, which is peculiar to the plants of Cucurbitacee L. family. It was determine ...

SUBJECT: survival ability; виды тыкв; graft compatibility; momordica charantia l и trichosanthes cucumerina l; trichosanthes cucumerina l

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]

The succession of microbial community structure and function is a central ecological topic, as microbes drive the Earth’s biogeochemical cycles and are responsible for the regulation of the gaseous composition of the atmosphere, the processes of soils formation and their resistance to natural and anthropogenic factors. To elucidate the response and mechanistic underpinnings of soil methane-oxi ...

SUBJECT: bacterial diversity; бактериальное разнообразие; видовой состав; окисление метана; methanotrophs

POSTED TO: Journal of Agriculture and Environment [2564-890X]