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SUBJECT: burnet moths; bionomics; diversity; zygaeninae; life history

SUBJECT: investigacion; europa; biomass; plantation forestiere; international cooperation

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It is introduced an outstanding book about an important topic in occupational and environmental sciences i.e., the opportunities and challenges that may be connected with increasing the use and distribution of rare earth elements. These chemically similar elements, comprising the lanthanides, scandium, and yttrium, are involved in a number of essential technological applications, and their eff ...

SUBJECT: toxicity; book review; toxicite; toxicidad; rare earths

POSTED TO: Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry [1976-0442]

SUBJECT: historia; moyen de communication de masse; medios de comunicacion de masas; economia del hogar; mass media

POSTED TO: Ausbildung und Beratung im Agrarbereich (Germany) [0045-0049]

SUBJECT: highlands; animal salvaje; cervus elaphus; animal sauvage; wild animals

POSTED TO: Gibier Faune Sauvage (France) [0761-9243]

SUBJECT: processus spatiotemporel; spatiotemporal processes; stochastic processes; geostatistics; spatial statistics

<strong>How to cite this book review:</strong> Saulez MN. A reference handbook for daily use in equine practice. Jl S Afr vet Ass. 2012;83(1), Art. #3, 1 page. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/jsava.v83i1.3

SUBJECT: illustrations; systems-based approach; medicine; equine practice; reproduction

POSTED TO: Journal of the South African Veterinary Association [2224-9435]

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Journal article


SUBJECT: processus spatiotemporel; analyse statistique; spatial statistics;geostatistics;spatial modeling;spatiotemporal processes;stochastic processes; processus stochastique; géostatistique

POSTED TO: Statistics and Computing 2 (21), 293-294. (2011)

This paper reviews the publication by BECKMANN, V. (2000): Transaktionskosten und institutionelle Wahl in der Landwirtschaft : Zwischen Markt, Hierarchie und Kooperation [Transaction costs and institutional choice in agriculture : Between market, hierarchy and co-operation].

SUBJECT: agriculture; institution; transaction cost; q12; labour organisation

Journal Article

Journal article


SUBJECT: canada; folklore; maritime provinces; catalog; new england