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Baytimirova Ekaterina et al. [2014-]

The effect of endocrine disruptors lead to sexual development deviations and to the appearance of intersexual individuals. The increase of the number of intersexual frogs became one of the results of hormone disruptors influence on amphibians. At the same time fact about the presence of oocytes in the issues of testis is prevailing in literature. No doubt that the connections between intersexu ...

SUBJECT: spermatozoa

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

Journal Article


Kublinskiy Konstantin [2016-]

The efficacy of various genital endometriosis treatment schemes has been analyzed. It is reasonable to use gestagens and GnRH agonists for the treatment of pelvic pain syndrome. The frequency of dysmenorrhea relief in women with endometriosis treated with any hormonal therapy is similar. Pregnancy is most often registered, if GnRH agonists and COCs are included into combination therapy schemes ...

SUBJECT: laparoscopy; oestrogens; genes; polymorphism; metabolism

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]