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Background knowledge of germplasm helps corn (Zea mays L.) breeders develop inbreds and predict hybrids. The background of 'Minnesota 13' is still not generally understood. We provide an explanation for the mystery and provide conclusive evidence for Minnesota 13's origin from plant breeding records at the University of Minnesota, whose archives contain corn breeding nursery books. We also cit ...

SUBJECT: zea mays; literature reviews; germplasm; corn; plant breeding

POSTED TO: Crop science [0011-183X]

SUBJECT: historia; alemania; germany; cultivos de grano; history

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SUBJECT: eleccion de la epoca; abiotic injuries; dakota du nord; weed control; control quimico

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SUBJECT: gestion de l'exploitation agricole; farm management; finance; data processing; procesamiento de datos

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Crop and edaphic factors influence arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal species composition and populations. This study was conducted to determine the effect of management history, crop, and input system on species composition of AM fungal spore populations. Corn (Zea mays L.) soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] sequences receiving no inputs (NI), organic inputs (OI), minimum inputs (MI), and conve ...

SUBJECT: low input agriculture; vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae; organic agriculture; moyen de production agricole; agriculture biologique

POSTED TO: Agronomy journal [0002-1962]

Harvest of grief

Atkins, Annette et al. [1984]

SUBJECT: disaster relief; agriculture and state; economic aspects; agriculture; history

SUBJECT: agriculture; historia; histoire; central america; amerique centrale

POSTED TO: Studies in archaeology (USA)

Studies of cultivated varieties historically used in agriculture provide measures of genetic gain and help to identify the morphological features, physiological characteristics, and ultimately, the germplasm which contributes those gains. The extent and manner in which genetic diversity is used determines the amount and sustainability of productivity gains. France and the Northern Corn Belt of ...

SUBJECT: iowa; ancestry; germplasm; ascendance; storia

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Minnesota farmers' diaries

Loehr, Rodney C. et al. [1939]

SUBJECT: diaries; farm life; farmers; agriculture; history

SUBJECT: traitement; industria; historia; tractors; industrie

POSTED TO: Agricultural history [0002-1482]