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The study is particularly mining companies located in the Russian Arctic. The main results of the study include the rationale for the demand for products Arctic mineral corporations and retain their capitalization, even in conditions of «sanctions» policy of the West. The main fi eld of application of the obtained results is the formation of industrial policy resource corporations, including a ...

SUBJECT: innovations; development; efficiency; resources; industry

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The article substantiates the need for the enterprises of the oil complex as a methodological basis of their strategy concept of sustainable development, according to which natural resources are treated as natural capital, similar in quality funds. The author of the article analyzed the research of Russian and foreign scientists on the theory of sustainable development from different perspecti ...

SUBJECT: business; business strategy; evolution of the strategy concept; business strategic management theory; external business environment

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This article discusses the use of balance of labour resources and population and labour resources movements balance for the assessment of the current and future state of regional labor markets and migration linkages in the regions of the Russian Arctic. The purpose of this article is to obtain projections of the dynamics of the main indicators of balance of labour resources, structure and dyna ...

SUBJECT: labor market; population and labour resources movements balance; labor mobility; forecast; migration mobility

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In this article and summarized the regularities of formation of foreign experience and trends of development of Arctic territories. Set out the important points predetermine orientation and specificity of manifestations of national interests – potential participants of the subsoil in the Arctic zone. On the basis of the illuminated materials were obtained the following conclusions: Signifi can ...

SUBJECT: territorial development; arctic territory; sustainable use of resources; the arctic strategy; the arctic shelf

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An important requirement imposed; to the strategy of creating a new cotton complex of Tajikistan is its scientific basis in regional – territorial aspect, reflecting the diversity of natural, socio - economic, demographic, geographic and other conditions of the country. If you save the backlog of the industry that is currently taking place, the formation of the basic foundations of the nationa ...

SUBJECT: historical-economic approach; seed production; geographic; waterworks; agricultural

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Written Paper

Belarus Agricultural Library

At the present stage of development of the market of dairy products (at use of the standard know - how and presence of rigid requirements to observance of sanitary norms and rules, consumer demand fluctuations) one of the basic means of increase of competitiveness is effective application of innovations. For processing structures innovative activity is that tool which helps rationally use indu ...

SUBJECT: innovation; modernization; investigacion; belarus; economic analysis

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The paper proves the necessity to invest into the human capital in order to be settled in the Arctic and to compete for the resources there. The Arctic zone is characterized by depopulation. The fi xed eff ect model of population growth in 8 Russian Arctic regions from 1997 to 2013 indicates that poverty, number of doctors, education opportunities, housing availability have substantial eff ect ...

SUBJECT: human development; migration; social development; population dynamics; arctic zone

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The article deals with the state agricultural market EAEU member countries for the period of 2011–2013. Preceding the signing of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as an analysis of the agricultural market EAEU member countries in 2014. Based on the analysis presented possible models of development based on modern economic and political situation of the EAEU member countries.

SUBJECT: the integration of the agrarian market; the common economic space; the customs union; eurasian economic union

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Sustainable innovative development of the national enterprise environment is determined of effective institutes, institutional mechanisms of support of their development. Absence or a lack of effective institutes of development can lead to institutional vacuum, replacement of formal rules of functioning with the informal. Purposes / tasks. The purpose of the article is creation the conceptual ...

SUBJECT: efficiency; business; institutional changes; matrix methods

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Article is devoted to the analysis of the flexibility of industrial “product-service” systems (hereafter IPSS), meaning provision of adaptability to the changing needs of users along the life-cycle of IPSS. Flexibility of the system gives company-producer of the industrial equipment competitive advantages on the b-to-b market. Due to this reason development and improvement of the means of valu ...

SUBJECT: adaptability of industrial system; product life-cycle; industrial “product-service” system

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