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The article deals with the specifics of the phenomenon of suicide understanding in the history of Russian rural traditions from ancient to modern times. The nature of the phenomenon of suicide as a marker of the social space of peasant culture is developed.

SUBJECT: rural sociology

POSTED TO: Modern Science Success [2412-6608]

This paper proposes a new approach to the determination of doses of some meliorant for stabilizing the environmental acidity in an agricultural field through the application of optimal control methods in the presence of random disturbances. The acidity dynamics process is considered as a partially observable Markov process, and the Bayesian approach is applied.

SUBJECT: markov chain; acidity; control methods; environmental management

POSTED TO: Russian agricultural sciences [1068-3674]

Factors determining the spatiotemporal variability of carbon dioxide emission from soil on various scales (from hours and days to seasons of the year and multiple years, and from microbiotopes to mesobiotopes) were identified using the results of a five-year study in the southern taiga spruce forest at Valdai highlands (Novgorod oblast). The air temperature close to the soil and that of the to ...

SUBJECT: carbon dioxide; highlands; taiga; prediction; humidity

POSTED TO: Contemporary problems of ecology [1995-4255]

Journal Article

Soil acidity adaptive control problem

Yakushev, Victor P. et al. [2015]

Problem of soil acidity regularization is modeled as stochastic adaptive control problem with a linear difference equation of the dynamics of a field pH level. Stochastic component in the equation represents an individual time variability of soil acidity of an elementary section. We use Bayesian approach to determine a posteriori probability density function of the unknown parameters of the st ...

SUBJECT: equations; algorithms; soil ph; probability

POSTED TO: Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment [1436-3240]

The distribution of the allele and genotype frequencies of polymorphic loci of serotonin receptor genes (HTR1A, rs6295; HTR2A, rs6311; HTR1B, rs6296) in Hadza (n = 197) and Datoga males (n = 230) living in Tanzania was determined. It was shown that the populations significantly differ by the frequencies of alleles and genotypes of the rs6295 locus of the HTR1A gene. The G-allele (0.779) and th ...

SUBJECT: serotonin; homozygosity; risk; aggression; males

POSTED TO: Russian journal of genetics [1022-7954]

The electrospray ionization high-resolution mass spectra of biotinylated hexaethylene glycol–spacered molecular probes bearing biologically relevant carbohydrate moieties in positive and negative modes were recorded and interpreted. Collisionally induced decay mass spectra (positive mode) revealed different patterns depending on the charge of the parent ion, attached cations (or ions), the c ...

SUBJECT: cations; hydrogen sulfide; biotin; chemical bonding; moieties

POSTED TO: Journal of analytical chemistry [1061-9348]

According to the previously reported data, the superntant of the primary culture of human erythrocytes contains 33 hemoglobin fragments. An analysis of the supernatant of a 20% (v/v) suspension of human erythrocytes allowed us to identify additionally four peptides whose precursors are cytoplasmic β-actin (two fragments), fructose diphosphate aldolase B, and an unknown protein, and amino acids ...

SUBJECT: release of peptides; protein degradation; erythrocyte

POSTED TO: Russian journal of bioorganic chemistry [1068-1620]

Protons and helium nuclei are the most abundant components of the cosmic radiation. Precise measurements of their fluxes are needed to understand the acceleration and subsequent propagation of cosmic rays in our Galaxy. We report precision measurements of the proton and helium spectra in the rigidity range 1 gigavolt to 1.2 teravolts performed by the satellite-borne experiment PAMELA (payload ...

SUBJECT: data analysis; protons; spectral analysis; helium

POSTED TO: Science [0036-8075]