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Uptake of 1-6-14C aniline and 1-6-14C of nitrobenzene by roots of sterile seedlings of maize, pea, and kidney bean from water solutions, and also transportation of investigated xenobiotics and their metabolites to vegetative organs have been studied. It was found out that chemical-physical characteristics of xenobiotics has significant influence on the process of nitrobenzene and aniline uptak ...

SUBJECT: annuals; maiz; compose aromatique; compuestos aromaticos; aromatic compounds

It has been studied the influence of Beta irradiation on the biological and economical rates of wheat variety "Bezostaia-1" in different phase of plant progress. It has been stated, that under the irradiation, passage of phenol phases untill full ripeness is noted. The reduction of growth dinamics and crops, accordingly with the rise of irradiation dose is shown. The plants are distinguished b ...

SUBJECT: fitomejoramiento; radioactivite; wheats; radiation; radiactividad

Phytovern in Plant Protection

Laladze, Z. et al. [2001]

New bioinsectoacaritsid phytoverm was used against harmful plant insects and pests. This preparation showed a good result against fruit and vegetable crop pests.

SUBJECT: insecte nuisible; plante de culture; uva; insectos daninos; acarien nuisible

Gamma radiation effect (50...500 rad) on garlic seeds of sorts "Goruli", "Poliot", and "Local Population" under the influence of mutagenes of 0,01...0,03% concentration revealed the lower rate of plants germination with increase of influence dose. "Goruli", and "Local Population" proved to be most sensitive to the influence. The low doses of influence almost similarly stimulate the plannts ger ...

SUBJECT: garlic; mutation; ail; plantation; ajo

The Land Fund of Ajara Autonomous Republic

Gordjomeladze, O. Georgia [2001]

The Land Fund of Ajara contains all category of lands which are subjecting of atonomous republic. Area of Ajara is 290 000 ha. United land fund of autonomous republic is devided by separate categories. Comparison datas of 2000 to 1957, show that in the last 40 years area of forests, bushes and pastures increase at the expence of decreasing areas of perennial crops, arable lands and pastures.

SUBJECT: paturages; perennials; terre; tierras; plantas perennes

The abstarct analyses various systems of grtapevine formation in Georgia from "Maglari" to trellis formation. On the basis of comparative analysis of the previous stages in the history of wine formation and temporary forms the abstract gives the ways of their further development, specific biological properties and local ecological conditions.

SUBJECT: uva; viticulture; viticultura; raisin; grapes

Since 1997 to 2000 the experimental station of Gori held the experiment for the establishment of varietal initial material of garlic. The gamma radiation and chemical mutageneous have treated three sorts of garlic: "Pliot", "Goruli", "Local Population". The higher significance of mutation frequence in M2 have been noted in sort "Local population" 6,8...86,8%. It has benn confirmed that the mut ...

SUBJECT: gamma radiation; garlic; mutation; ail; rayonnement gamma

Shizaphis gramium as a rule damages stalk leaves and ears of wheat. Damaged leaf is yellow spotted and stops growing, rolls and in case of heavy damage dies. This results in low weight of plants, yield reduction and quantity deterioration. The observation showed that the quantity of Ap. Shrapis gramium increased from the second of May and reached maximum in second decade of June at average dec ...

SUBJECT: pests of plants; cereales; plantas; plagas de plantas; plante

The article deals with the ecological cinditions of the valuable plants spread in Georgia. Most of them are observed in Abkhazia i.e. 56 varieties, Kartli- 50, Kakheti - 56, Racha-Lechkhumi- 33 etc. 73% of the relict plants are observed in Guria, while in Imereti and Ajara they make 62% and in Samegrelo 61%. Majority of the valuable plants are accostomed to brown soils (49%), raw humus-calcare ...

SUBJECT: madera; plante; soil; suelo; sol

An integrated system of seed and fruit crops from pest diseases which is based on application of modern high effective preparations, economic threshold of pest harmfulness and intensity of disease development is considered in the article.

SUBJECT: fruits; pests; semilla; organisme nuisible; seeds