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Design and optmization of irrigation distribution networks

Labye, Y,CEMAGREF, Antony et al. [1988]

SUBJECT: riego; sistemas hidraulicos; pompage; bombeo; analisis economico

CROPWAT- A computer program for irrigation planning and management

Smith Martin,FAO land and Water Development Division [1992]

CROPWAT is a computer program for IBM-PCs or compatibles: To calculate: Reference evapotranspiration � Crop water requirements � Irrigation requirements � Scheme water supply To develop: � Irrigation schedules under various management conditions To estimate: � Rainfed production and drought effects To provide users with directions in the use of the CROPWAT program, a manual and guidelines have ...

SUBJECT: riego; traitement des donnees; irrigation; systeme d'information de gestion; desempeno de cultivos

SUBJECT: portugal; canada; sol argileux; environmental impact; suelo arcilloso

POSTED TO: No. 51 [0254-5284]

SUBJECT: cambio climatico; climatic change; crops; plant water relations; evapotranspiration

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

SUBJECT: salinity; electrolysis; ph del suelo; soil toxicity; analyse de sol

POSTED TO: no.57 [0254-5284]

This publication provides planners, decision makers and engineers with guideline to sustain irrigated agriculture and at the same time to protect water resources from the negative impacts of agriculture drainage water disposal

SUBJECT: semiarid zones; climat aride; semiarid climate; pakistan; case studies

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

SUBJECT: technical aid; indonesia; utilizacion de la tierra; utilisation des terres; ethiopia

SUBJECT: minerals; ciencia del suelo; soudan; east africa; soil sciences

POSTED TO: 73 [0253-2050]

SUBJECT: ordenacion territorial; mozambique; terre; tierras; amenagement du territoire

SUBJECT: resource management; seguridad alimentaria; securite alimentaire; natural resources; food production

POSTED TO: Environment and Natural Resources