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The article looks at determining the level of contributions the informal financial market has made to fisheries development in Kainji lake basin, and compares this to the formal financial market. It concludes the main source of finance for fishermen is personal savings (informal financial market)

SUBJECT: desarrollo pesquero; epargne; instituciones financieras; nigeria; ahorros

POSTED TO: National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research, Annual Report (Nigeria)

The paper presents the problems inhibiting the operation of fishing loan in Nigeria and goes further to project the prospects of some.

SUBJECT: nigeria; peches; pesca; prestamos privados; pret prive

A survey was conducted of women fish trades in the Kainji lake basin. Women handle over 90 of fish for sale, acting as auctioneers, retailers, fish vendors and sometimes exporters, and are a link between fishermen and consumers. The study concludes that women are the primary element of economic stability in fishing communities

SUBJECT: main d'oeuvre feminine; circuit de commercialisation; nigeria; pescadores; industrie du poisson

POSTED TO: National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research. Annual Report (Nigeria)

The paper presents a description of development, economic, social and physical, which has taken place in the middle Niger Valley since the mid-sixties. Of such development, the construction of the Dam and the filling of Lake Kainji are the most important. There have been associated other changes in the region, most, but not all of which have improved the life and well being of the people of th ...

SUBJECT: historia; indicadores de desarrollo; histoire; nigeria; changement social

The paper highlights the need for effective and efficient inland fisheries extension services for the purpose of onward communication of fisheries advances and merits to the end users.

SUBJECT: desarrollo pesquero; extension; peche continentale; nigeria; pesca continental

This article critically examines a programme under the extension service unit of NIFFR, designed to improve fish production in Kainji Lake basin. It looks at the factors responsible for the sucess of such government projects, specifically correlating education, extension visits, size of ponds, and exposure to mass media, with levels of adoption of improved fish feeding practices among New Buss ...

SUBJECT: difusion de la informacion; extension; peche continentale; alimentacion de peces; nigeria

POSTED TO: National Institute for Freshwater fisheries Research, AnnualReport (Nigeria)

The paper deals with important landmarks in the staffing and financing of Kainji Lake Research Institute from its inception as an UNDP/FAO Project in 1966 to 1988 when it became the National Institute for Freshwater Fisheries Research. Based on a 1:3 ratio of senior to junior staff, projections were made for the staff requirements of the Institute in the 1990s. The decline in the fund for capi ...

SUBJECT: finanzas; institution de recherche; instituciones de investigacion; nigeria; financement

The paper defines fisheries management and describes the strategies for the management of man-made lake fisheries including the pre-impoundment planning and surveys, manpower training, lake environmental preparation and protection and provision of fishery infrastructures

SUBJECT: reservoir d'eau; nigeria; pesca lacustre; gestion des peches; administracion pesquera

The paper is a review of the socio-economic activities carried out since the impoundment of Kainji Lake in 1968. The review focuses on resettlement, pastoralism, fisheries, agricultural practices, marketing and tourism

SUBJECT: population agricole; colonisation rurale; nigeria; pescadores; developpement rural

The paper reviews and outlines the major techniques and principles in the transfer of agricultural technology to farmers around Kainji Lake, and highlights appropriate technology for a better extension network in the area

SUBJECT: transfert de technologie; extension; nigeria; vulgarisation; transferencia de tecnologia