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Experiment was conducted at the Kogi State University Research and Demonstration Farm (latitude 70 301 and longitude 70 091E), Anyigba in the Southern Guinea savanna agro ecological zone of Nigeria. The study evaluated the effect of different nutrient sources (inorganic (MF), poultry manure (PM), oil palm residue (OPR), MF + PM, MF + OPR), and rates on the growth and yield of tomato and okra i ...

SUBJECT: plant gilt; growth; height; development and yield

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

This study investigated feeding management of pastoralist cattle and conflict frequencies an resolution strategies in the rainforest zone of Nigeria using primary data generated through questionnaires, interviews and observations. About 77% of cattle holdings were White Fulani breed produced for dual purposes. The pastoralists allowed calves to start suckling from 0 - 8 weeks and for six to ni ...

SUBJECT: south eastern nigeria; tropical humid rain forest zone; forest zone

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

The excessive application of chemical fertilizer and pesticides in the wheat growers in Saudi Arabia causes a negative impact on agriculture production. Therefore, the production of wheat organically may finding a appropriate solution to reduce the irrational use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides. The objective of this study is to evaluated selected wheat genotype under organic and conventi ...

SUBJECT: conventional system; organic system; yield performance; wheat genotype; quality

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

The characteristics and stages of development of agricultural production in the semidesert and dry steppe regions of Russia and Kazakhstan over a century of development of the social system are described. It has been shown that government subsidies into outdated agricultural technology with uncontrolled increase of population density is a dead-end. The necessity of compliance with human and bi ...

SUBJECT: rural population; natural resources; adaptive management; arid regions

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

Screen house experiment to compare the virulence of blast inoculum collected at various locations in Nigeria and its effects on some rice cultivars were determined at Badeggi Central Nigeria. The blast inoculum was collected from some locations in North West, North East. North Central, South East and South West of Nigeria. The experiment was laid out in a factorial design fitted into a split p ...

SUBJECT: blast pathogen; inoculum; variety; rice

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

During the period 2010 - 2012, on the experimental field of the Field Crops Institute - Chirpan was carried out a field experiment with oil-bearing sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). It was investigated 18 variants from the three technologies for oil-bearing sunflower growing - conventional (hybrid Arena), ClearField (hybrid Alego) and ExpressSun (hybrid P64LE20). Treatment of complex foliar fe ...

SUBJECT: oil-bearing sunflower; weeds; grain yield; stability; herbicides

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

Cucumber variety (Ekron F1) was grafted onto a commercial rootstocks (Cucurbita maxima x C. moschata). Splice grafting (SG) and root pruning splice grafting (RPSG) were simultaneously applied. Two weeks after grafting, an equal number of each experimental unit was transplanted in to 200 cm3 plastic pots filled with vermiculite. The plants of each group were split in three equal subgroups and i ...

SUBJECT: salinity; grafting method; dry matter; stand establishment rate

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

A process for cleaning of waste water from calcium nitrate (CN) production is described in this study. Electrodialysis (ED) was used in the process. A pilot ED module was tested with real waste water containing CN. Tests were carried out both in batch and in feed&bleed mode. Concentration at the beginning of the batch test was 20 g/L of CN and a dependence of salt removal on concentration was ...

SUBJECT: calcium nitrate; waste water; electrodialysis; fertilizer

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

Species diversity of weevils (Ceutorhynchus spp.) and their migration activity in winter and spring rape crops were studied in Lithuanian during 2007–2012. The abundance and migration activity of weevils (Ceutorhynchus spp.) was much higher in winter oilsed rape than in spring oilseed rape. In winter and spring rape there were found six Ceutorhynchus species: C. erysimi, C. obstrictus, C. pall ...

SUBJECT: winter and spring oilseed rape; ceutorhynchus spp.

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]

This field experiment was designed to determine the dimensions of shrub, crown height, width in terms of order and the width between rows of crops of strawberries in high tunnels for three cultivars Elsanta, Sonata and Dora plastic mulch cultivated in black and white. The experiment was conducted in Kosovo in experimental greenhouse of 2.5 ar during 2010, respectively in the second year of pro ...

SUBJECT: sonata; elsanta; dora; plastic mulch; shrub

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]