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Two representatives of the Chrysophycean genus Bitrichiia (Woloszynska) have been repeatedly found together in the plankton of gravel-pit lakes and dead arms of the Danube of Bratislava (Slovakia) and its neighbourhood, western Slovakia. They are B. chodatii (Reverdin) Chodat and B. danubiensis Juris. Based on the latest observations and the original diagnoses of these taxa, it is concluded th ...

SUBJECT: anatomie vegetale; slovak republic; republica eslovaca; plant anatomy; taxonomie

POSTED TO: Biologia (Slovakia) [0006-3088]

SUBJECT: plankton blooms; death; densite de population; japan; muerte

POSTED TO: Scientific Reports of Hokkaido Fisheries Experimental Station (Japan) [0914-6830]

The lake was surveyed in June, September and November 1996. The result showed that there were five (5) ordos of phytoplankton, i.e. Chlorophyta, Chrysophyta, Pyrrophyta, Cyanophyta, and Euglenophyta, where Pyrrophyta dominated in September and November 1996. The most abundance genera were found in June are Ulothrix sp./Chlorophyta (3230 ind./l), Synedra sp./Chrysophyta (5950 ind./l), and Perin ...

SUBJECT: fitoplanctón; phytoplancton; environmental factors; factores ambientales; variation saisonnière

POSTED TO: Oseanologi dan Limnologi di Indonesia (Indonesia) [0125-9830]

SUBJECT: cyanophyta; muestreo; phytoplancton; fitoplancton; dinophyceae

POSTED TO: Rapport - Naturvaardsverket (Sweden) [0282-7298]

SUBJECT: nostocophyceae; suecia; algae; distribucion geografica; fucophyceae

SUBJECT: rhodophyceae; cyanophyta; sulawesi; biodiversity; chemicophysical properties

SUBJECT: plankton blooms; composicion botanica; botanical composition; piaui; proliferacion de plancton

SUBJECT: rivers; morbidite; chrysophyceae; cours d'eau; distribution geographique

POSTED TO: Archives of Biological Sciences (Serbia) [0354-4664]

The alien ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi which was transported from the Black Sea into Caspian Sea at the end 1990s has been affecting the Caspian Sea ecosystem. In this study, spatialand temporal distribution of M.leidyi , Zooplakton and Phytoplankton were studied from July 2001to July 2002 in three transects (Lisar, Bandar Anzali and Sefidrood) in the Iranian coasts of the Caspian Sea (Guilan ...

SUBJECT: iran republica islamica; metodos; coasts; phytoplancton; methods

Effects of some environmental variables on the benthic shore azlgae (Excluding Bacillariophyta) of Asartepe Dam (Ankara)

Atici, T., Gazi University, Gazi Education Faculty, Department of Biology et al. [may2007]

In order to determine the shore algae, excluding Bacillariophyta of the Asartepe Dam Lake, were observed in the samples taken from different habitats (Epipelic, Epiphytic, Epilitic). Those samples took from 7 stations between April 2003 and June 2004. In the investigation, a total of 95 taxa were identified. Of those, 55 belong to Chlorophyta, 23 to Cyanophyta, 13 to Euglenophyta, 3 to Pyrroph ...

SUBJECT: barrage; turquie; pyrrhocoridae; represas; milieu benthique

POSTED TO: IJNES [1307-1149]