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Having no importance for Romanian forestry, Picea pungens Engelm. is a very ornamental species, often seen in Romanian parks and gardens. They are cultivated especially glauca and argentea forms). The biggest problem of this forms is getting seedlings. The generative way is not recommended because, although at begin those specimens obtained have the characteristic color of the variety, with th ...

SUBJECT: graft; rootstock; variance analysis; picea pungens var. argentea; picea abies

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The paper review the naturalness related concepts, with a special emphasis on forests, and also their implications on forest conservation. Beside naturalness, key aspects of wild(er)ness, ecosystem integrity, ecosystem health, forest quality and authenticity are disscussed. The main approaches on forest naturalness are presented, including the basic (minimum) naturalness requests, the shortcom ...

SUBJECT: minimum area; forest conservation; naturalness; ecosystem integrity; authenticity

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This paper identifies the perceptions of forestry engineers on climate changes effects on forest ecosystems, respectively the identification of the type of management of those. To achieve this goal was used as research method the structured interview. So, 76 interviews were made with forestry engineers from three counties from Romania (Suceava, Neamţ and Botoşani). The interview was structured ...

SUBJECT: perceptions; the effects of climatic changes; the management of the forests; forest ecosystem; climatic changes

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In this article we present the UMF index (Uneven-aged, Mixed, Forest) an index because the forest management, whose values are determined easily, data from management planning are the main support. The study was conducted in the Suha Mare area from Mălini, Suceava county. Wet analyzed stand descriptions for all stands for two periods (1956, 1995), using structural and site characteristics requ ...

SUBJECT: unevern aged; diversity; mixed forest; umf index; eastern carpathians

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This paper approaches the subject of soil biodiversity and of some biometrical characteristics short-term rotation hybrid poplar production from Rădăuţi area. The research was supported STRoMA project (Sustainability of short-term rotation cultures of trees on marginal lands), in a under development. The analyzis was aimed on: the influence of soil granulometry on the maximum depth of occurren ...

SUBJECT: biometrics; poplar; biodiversity; soil

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The study was performed in a degraded ecosystem by grazing from North-Est of Romania. The aim of the study was to determine main characteristics of primary succession in a pioneer stage initiated on a weathered land by intensive grazing and to identify vegetation classes and potential successional directions. Primary succession analysis was performed by non-systematic inventory in rectangular ...

SUBJECT: succession; pioneer stage; biometrical characteristics; vegetation classes

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The paper analysis the use of ecosystem services in the marketing strategies of accommodation facilities and tourism agencies promoting nature based tourism in Bucovina region. The territorial marketing of goods and services provided by forests is a marketing tool which links the local natural and cultural resources to a specific territory. Bucovina region is well known for its cultural world ...

SUBJECT: territorial marketing; nature based tourism; bukovina; ecosystem services

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Journal Article

Știri despre o răpire

Cenușă, R et al. [2014]

SUBJECT: bucovina forestieră; journal; romania

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The World Heritage List (WHL) of UNESCO currently comprises 1007 properties in 161 States Parties. Most of these sites are cultural (779) and only 197 are natural sites whereas 31 are mixed sites with outstanding universal cultural and natural values. Romania has only 8 sites registered on WHL of UNESCO, 7 cultural sites and one natural site – The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve – being underre ...

SUBJECT: territorial marketing; nature based tourism; ecosystem services

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