• While extensive hunt and exploitations for more new Paphiopedilum species have been focused in the limestone and granite mountain regions of Borneo, Celebes, Vietnam and Southern China, an exciting new species of great commanding appeal has been discovered in a small isolated forest of Mindanao, Philippines. The newly discovered species Paphiopedilum anitum Golamco has intense and striking large flowers set on meter long inflorescence and is one of the most stunning lady's slippers ever discovered. It is found in an area that is far, hidden and difficult to reach. The entire population of this new and exciting species seems to be restricted to this forest which faces the Pacific Ocean, South of Surigao. Continuous heavy rainfall, especially during the typhoon season, makes the area even more difficult to reach. A population of a few thousand plants of varying ages and sizes of this new species exists. Though it may seem plenty, their exact location will not be disclosed to protect them from enterprising collectors who may completely strip them off from their native habitat. For the past two years, only a few hundred plants have been selected and handpicked for breeding and propagation. There are now twelve recognized species of slipper orchids found in the Philippines. Except for two species, ten are endemic and limited in their destribution. Aside from the new species described herein, the other eleven species are: Paph. acmodontum Schosen ex Wood (1977), Paph. adductum Asher (1983), Paph. argus (Rchb. F.) Stein (1892), Paph. ciliolare (Rchb. F.) Stein (1892), Paph. fowliei Birk (1981), Paph. haynaldianum (Rchb. F.) Pfits (1874), Paph. hennisianum (Wood) Fowl. (1977), Paph philippinense (Rchb. F.) Pfits (1862), Paph. superbiens (Rchb. F.) Stein (1892), Paph. randsii Fowl. (1969) and Paph. urbanianum Fowl. (1981). The growth habitat and plant description of P. anitum Golamco are summarized (eng)
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  • Description: Paphiopedilum anitum, Golamco, sp. nov. - the black orchid of the mystic forest of Mindanao [Philippines] (eng)
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