AGRIS centers

The name “AGRIS centers” stands for all the data providers that have contributed or are contributing with bibliographic data to AGRIS, from national libraries, institutional repositories, single or corporate journal publishers to service providers.

Currently the AGRIS network consists of 150 AGRIS centers from 65 countries. Each center is indicated on the map down below. If you click on a marker, the name and URL of the provider will appear in an info window.

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More detailed information about the centers has been stored in the CIARD RING, a global registry for information providers and their services. You may search the RING by Data Providers, specifying the type of institution, country or name. Otherwise check the List of AGRIS centers that have been active for the past five years (an extraction from the RING).

Would you also like to contribute to AGRIS? For detailed information, please visit the “For contributors” section.