AGRIS: your link to the world’s agricultural information

AGRIS puts the world of agricultural research and information at your fingertips.

Welcome to AGRIS, the service that connects you directly to a wealth of research and technical information on agriculture worldwide.

AGRIS is the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology providing access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology.

It offers more than 8,9 million links to information produced by more than 350 data providers (which include research centers, development programs, international and national organizations) from more than 140 countries.

Since 1975, AGRIS is maintained by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to serve users from developed and developing countries through facilitating access to available knowledge in agriculture, science and technology.

AGRIS facilitates access to publications, journal articles, monographs, book chapters, and grey literature - including unpublished science and technical reports, theses, dissertations and conference papers. Each AGRIS record is indexed by AGROVOC (the FAO multilingual Thesaurus) and this enables similar content to be retrieved through Google Scholar and to interlink with other related resources on the web.

While AGRIS is predominantly a bibliographic repository, if a link to the full text of the AGRIS resource is available online, this will accessible via the AGRIS portal. Currently about 1,8 million records have an access link to the full text.

On average, some 400,000 agricultural and research professionals worldwide access AGRIS resources each month.