For contributors

Do you wish to be part of the AGRIS network and make your collection available through the AGRIS Web site? You just need to contribute your bibliographic collection to the AGRIS database!
The first step in your request is to check whether the bibliographic information you would like to share with AGRIS falls in one of the main AGRIS categories ( 
In AGRIS you can contribute either as an institutional repository, this is a case of a collection of bibliographic metadata created within a university or a research institution or a journal, either as an aggregator (i.e. an organization gathering metadata collections from many different institutional repositories. 
Would you like to be part of the AGRIS network & contribute your bibliographic information to AGRIS?
Please follow the link bellow & make your request!
The AGRIS data processing and ingestion is supported by Agroknow and the AGRIS contributor service is powered by AKSTEM (