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Stylo feed block for goats and sheep  [2007]

Das, M.M. Samanta, A.K. Singh, K.K Mojumdaer, A.B.

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Six Bundelkhandi goats (average BW 29.08 kg) and six Jaiauni sheep (average BW 30.75 kg) were fed Styiosanthes hamata block (stylo) as sole ration. Similar DM intake (%BW) in goats (3.16) and sheep (3.18) showed good palatability of stylo block in both species. The digestibility of DM, OM, NDF was higher (P0.05) in goat than in sheep, however, N balance as well as DCP and TDN intake were similar in both species, resulting in similar rumen fermentation and blood metabolites. Thus it can be concluded that stylo block was sufficient for maintenance requirement of both species.

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Indian Journal of Animal Sciences (India)

ISSN : 0367-8318