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The utilization of dried brewers grain in feeding Awassi sheep. 2: The utilization of dried brewers grain on the performance of fattening Awassi lambs  [1986]

Baghdassar, G.A. Yousif-Aballi, A.F. Salman, E.D. (Scientific Research Council, Baghdad (Iraq). Agriculture and Water Resources Research centre. P.O. Box 2416)

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24 Awassi lambs aged 5-6 months were blocked to their weights and fed 4 diets containing 0, 10, 27 and 50% dried brewers grains(DBG). The results showed that daily dry matter intake increased significantly (P0.05) with the increased level of DBG in the diet. The highest final life weight (LW) was obtained with lambs fed the 50% DBG diet and lowest final LW was obtained with lambs fed the control diet (0% DBG), however the differences were not significant, also no significant effect was observed in daily weight gain, feed conversion efficiency, carcass weight and killing out % , thus the results indicated that using DBG up to 50% as replacement for the concentrate diet can be utilized successfully without adverse effect to lambs fattening performace

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Journal of Agriculture and water Resources Research. AnimalProduction (Iraq) Majalat Al-buhu:t Al-zira:3iyyat wa-Al-mawa:ridAl-ma:'iyyat. Al-'inta:j Al-haywa:niy (Iraq)

ISSN : 1012-3466