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Essafi, A.. 2007; CIHEAM-IAMZ. Spanish.

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Agrovoc Terms :

pi 161375; marcadores geneticos; melons; nils; resistance aux maladies; 161375; bin mapping; cucumovirus mosaique du concombre; resistencia a la enfermedad; cmv; disease resistance; licor; cucumber mosaic cucumovirus; sc12-1; genetic markers; melon; cucumovirus del mosaico del pepino; caps; elisa; marqueur genetique

Abstract :

In this Project, we studied the resistance of the Korean melon genotype Pl 161375 to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) using a Near Isogenic Lines population developed by Eduardo et al. (2005) from a dihaploid line population derived from the intraspecific cross between the resistant parental Pl 161375 (Songwhan Charmi) and the recurrent susceptible T111 (Piel de Sapo). In previous studies, Dogimont ...