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The fundamental mission of the Biotechnical Faculty is to provide university level, advanced professional, and postgraduate education, as well as to carry out scientific research and technical and consulting work concerning the sciences of living nature (biology, microbiology) as well as agriculture, forestry and fisheries (forestry, animal husbandry, agronomy) and the related production technologies (wood technology, food technology, biotechnology). The common denominator of all academic and scientific disciplines at the Biotechnical Faculty i [...]

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Current perception of wooden building in Slovenia  [2007]

Kitek Kuzman, M., Ljubljana Univ. (Slovenia). Biotechnical Fac., Wood Science and Technology Dept.; Hrovatin, J., Ljubljana Univ. (Slovenia). Biotechnical Fac., Wood Science and Technology Dept.;

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In residential buildings, prefabricated wooden houses constitute minor part ofall buildings in Slovenia. The reasons pertaining to the relatively low occurrence of prefabricated wooden buildings today are assessed in the presentstudy. The Slovenian public opinion survey on wooden building 2006 examined, among other issues, public attitude towards wooden buildings and itsadvantages. Data collection was performed by CATI method. Results of publicresearch clearly indicate the users' lack of knowledge about wooden buildings. The majority of respondents living in single-family houses oppose the idea of timber-framed penthouse. More than a half of all respondents agreed that wood is suitable material for constructions, while 30% disagreed. Most of the respondents support increased government spending for ecological building. The percentages of respondents, who believe that wooden houses offerhealthier living conditions than brick-concrete buildings, are about the same. Public opinion survey presents empirical background for designing eventual wooden building promotional campaigns in future.

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" Raziskava stalisc o leseni gradnji v Sloveniji v letu 2006 "
" Current perception of wooden building in Slovenia "
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