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Journal Article

Journal Article

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase g894t (rs1799983) gene polymorphism in polish athletes  [2014]

Eider, Jerzy; Ficek, Krzysztof; Kaczmarczyk, Mariusz; Maciejewska-Karłowska, Agnieszka; et al.

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The NOS3 gene has been associated with athletic endurance performance and elite power athletic status. With respect to NOS3 G894T and its relation to athletic performance or status, results across various studies have not been consistent. Therefore, the lack of consistency among previous studies prompted us to design a case-control study in a Polish Caucasian population to examine the relationship between the NOS3 G894T polymorphism and athletes' status, i.e. type and intensity of exercise performed (poweroriented, “mixed” power/endurance activity, endurance-oriented) and the possible association between the G894T variant and athletic performance. The case-control study was performed in a group of 360 Polish athletes (cases) of the highest nationally competitive standard (male n=156 and female n=67) and 191 unrelated, sedentary control subjects. The G894T genotype and allele distributions differed significantly between power-oriented (P=0.009, P=0.003), “mixed” (P=0.021, P=0.009), endurance (P=0.043, P=0.014) athletes when compared to control subjects (P values for genotypes and alleles, respectively). There were no significant differences between elite and sub-elite athletes in any group. The over-representation of the GG genotype and G allele in all athletes suggests that the G894 allele may favour all types of sports, however, the strongest predisposition was seen among power-oriented athletes.

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" Endothelial nitric oxide synthase g894t (rs1799983) gene polymorphism in polish athletes "

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