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Journal Article

Journal article

A new rice [Oryza sativa] extremely early line "Kouiku 55" [Japan]  [1998]

Kameshima, M. (Kochi-ken. Inst. of Agricultural and Forest Science, Ino (Japan)); Nakamura, Y.; Mizobuchi, M.; Uga, H.;

استعراض النص الكامل

[Kouiku 55] is an extremely early, goodeating quality, high yielding line of glutinous paddy rice which was brought up in the Agricultural Research Center of Kochi Prefecture. It was brought up from anther culture of the first filial generation (F1) of [Kouiku 27/H3A3 70], and was recognized as an extremely early promising line which has apparently early maturity in comparison with "Natsuhikari". Its history and generally characteristics are in the following: 1) The heading date and date of maturity are one week earlier than "Natsuhikari". In Kochi Prefecture, harvesting by July 25 is possible even if young seedlings are transplanted in the middle April. 2) While the culm length is little shorter than "Natsuhikari", the length and number of panicle are similar to those of "Natsuhikari", and the plant type is panicle number type. 3) Because its number of grains per head is greater than of "Natsuhikari", the grain yield is expected to equal or exceed that of "Natsuhikari". 4) [Kouiku 55] has the same resistance to leaf blast, panicle blast, bacteria leaf blight and helminthosprium leaf spot as "Natsuhikari". To sheath blight, it has stronger resistance than "Natsuhikari". 5) Like "Natsuhikari", it has not cold resistant in the booting stage, but the plant has a little damage by low temperature even when it is planted earlier. 6) Although it is a little bit interior in grain quality to "Natsuhikari", it has a good quality. 7) The protein contents are lower th
an "Natsuhikari", but the contents of amylose are higher

استعراض النص الكامل


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" A new rice [Oryza sativa] extremely early line "Kouiku 55" [Japan] "
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Bulletin of the Kochi Agricultural Research Center (Japan)

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