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Belarus Agricultural Library (BelAL) is the national information centre for agriculture, food and forestry. The Library was created by the decree of the Council of Ministers of Belarus in 1960. Now the Library is a part of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Mission of the Library is to provide free access to the agricultural international and national information resources.



[Increasing of fodder productive effect for the milk and beef production]  [2008]

Kireenko, N.V.; Radchikov, V.F.; Tsaj, V.P.; Gurin, V.K.;

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Problems of the complete protein diet feeding of cattle and effective use of fodders proved to be the crucial factor for the production of the competitive animal husbandry products. The presented research realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus showed the effective methods and techniques for the increasing of the protein value of cattle rations, perspectives of application of the modern technologies of high-protein fodders production and feeding using the chemical and physical methods of mixed fodder rations enrichment with the new varieties and types of fodder-grain crops, carbohydrate and protein additives, production and cattle feeding with silage from the mixed plantings of millet with grain legume crops. Results of application of the organic acids (acetous and propionic acids) in winter rations, rations with cereal grasses and in mixed fodders for the increasing protein use efficiency were presented. Feeding value and results of application of new pea, barley varieties and rapeseed in mixed fodders and in the substituents of whole milk were given. Increasing of the efficiency of high protein feeds (rape cake and sunflower extraction cake) application by means of protection of ruminal digestion by acetous acid treatment was proposed. Results of use of flaked, extruded and micronized barley, granulated, floured and extruded lupine, treated with different methods pea, intruded rye and triticum for cattle and calf feeding were presented. Eff
iciency of millet use in the mixed sowings with grain legume crops for the increasing of fodder production and their protein value was analyzed. Standards in the rations of decomposable and non-splitting protein and their influence on the productivity level of calves were presented

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" Povyshenie produktivnogo dejstviya kormov pri proizvodstve moloka i govyadiny "
" [Increasing of fodder productive effect for the milk and beef production] "
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" Tables, graphs, draws, bibliography: p. 255-275 "