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Journal article

Evaluating the performance of some Primitive Wheat Triticum dicoccum Genotypes  [1970]

Maysoun M. Saleh; Dyab S. Moussa; Nader I. Alkaraki; Abbas Lateef Abdurahman;

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Seven wheat genotypes (Triticum dicoccum) and the local check sham5 variety were planted during  growing season 2010/2011under rainfed conditions using RCBD with three replications. Yield components (number of total and fertile tillers, number and weight of grains per spike, weight of thousand grain and individual plant grain yield) were studied in two sites in order to define the differences between the studied genotypes in both sites and to provide the superior genotypes for breeding programs. Results showed that the genotype PW70 was significantly superior in (grain yield, number and weight of grain per spike) comparing to check. While, the genotypes (PW96, PW119, PW123) were significantly superior in thousand grain weight comparing to check, as well as the genotype (PW81, PW127) were significantly superior in total and fertile tillers number comparing to check. Most traits were significantly superior in Al-Ghab site.

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" Evaluating the performance of some Primitive Wheat Triticum dicoccum Genotypes "

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