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Effects of soil moisture stress on the growth of seedlings of three eucalypt species. 1. Seed germination  [1985]

Bachelard, E.P. (Australian National Univ., Canberra. Dept. of Forestry)

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Germination in the laboratory of Eucalyptus sieberi, E. pilularis and E. maculata seeds lying on the surface of soils from sites where these species occur naturally, and on ceramic plates, was reduced by matric potentials as high as -1 to -3 kPa. Effects were greatest on the ceramic plate but no differences due to soil type were observed. Soil osmotic potentials were far less effective than matric potentials in reducing germination and, in both cases, high atmospheric humidities largely overcame the effects of potential. E. sieberi germinated better on drier soil surfaces than did the others.