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North Australia's multi-species shark fishery: a preparatory evaluation of the develoment of a shark fishing industry in Northern Territory waters  [1984]

Lyle, J.M. Pyne, R.R. Hopper, J. Croaker, S.L. (Northern Territory Department of Primary Production, Darwin (Australia). Fisheries Section)

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The first volume in a series which deals with various aspects of the shark fishery. It has been prepared to answer many of the fisherman's, processors' and distributors' inquiries. The recommendations given are of an interim nature only, as many aspects of the management of the shark fishery will need to be ratified by legislation. The long term development of this fishery will require a concentrated effort on the part of fishermen, processors and distributors to establish overseas markets and meet particular specifications laid down by the consumer or the relevant health authorities. Buyers who are currently serviced by producers of high quality product will not be enticed to gamble on a newcomer unless they can be assured of a product of equally high or better standard.

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Fishery Report - Northern Territory Department of Primary Production (Australia)