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Primary productivity of marine macrophytes in the coral reef lagoon of the Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep  [2000]

Dhargalkar, V.K.; Shaikh, N.;

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n situ primary productivity measurements were carried out with different macrophyte species (belonging to four groups) dominating the benthic communities in the coral reef lagoon of the Kadmat Island of the Lakshadweep Archipelago. The photosynthetic productivity and respiratory requirements in nine macrophytes were determined by measuring changes in dissolved oxygen concentration in light and dark bottles. The highest net productivity was recorded in Laurencia papillosa (Forsk.) Greville while the lowest was in Dictyota bartayresiana Lamour. More than 75% of the macrophytes studied had net photosynthetic productivity higher than 15 mg C (g dry wt)–1 d–1 and only one macrophyte, Boergesenia forbesii had net production and respiration ratio higher than 10. The results indicated that macrophyte species under investigation are most productive and both macroalgae and sea-grasses contribute equally to the carbon production of the coral reef lagoon of the Kadmat Island.