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Excavations at Kanjetar and Kaj on the Saurashtra Coast, Gujarat  [2011]

Gaur, A.S.; Sundaresh; Abhayan, G.S.; Joglekar, P.P.;

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Onshore excavations were undertaken at Kanjetar and Kaj around Kodinar in Gujarat. Kanjetar is located about 12 km southwest of Kodinar on the coastal region. This is a single culture site of the Harappan phase. The entire area is a known agricultural land and the maximum habitation deposit is about 60cm from the surface. The pottery is typical of Saurashtra Harappan type. Kaj is located about 10 km east o Kodinar on the bank of Modhwada Creek. The site is situated about 2 km east from the village Kaj and presently it is called Juna Kaj. This site has a three-fold cultural sequence where the oldest habitation belongs to the Harappans, followed by the historical and later medieval period respectively. The location of the site indicates that the creek could have been used as a sheltered harbour. Interestingly, Roman amphorae were collected during onshore explorations from the site of Kaj. This article discusses the findings of the onshore excavations that were undertaken at these two sites.