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The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) under the Ministry of Agriculture is at the apex of the national agricultural research system (NARS). It has the responsibility to strengthen the national agricultural research capability through planning and integration of resources. It is the umbrella under which the entire Bangladesh agricultural research effort is coordinated. This involved cooperative activities in several ministries of government: Agriculture, Forest and Environment, Fisheries and Livestock, Rural Development, Education, [...]

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Journal article

The effect of goat milk as buck semen diluter compared with egg-yolk-citrate and powdered milk [in Bangladesh]  [1988]

Banu, Laila Arzumand; Hussain, Syed Sakhawat; Amin, Md. Ruhul (Bangladesh Agricultural Univ., Mymensingh (Bangladesh). Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics);

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Semen of six Black Bengal bucks were preserved in three different diluters namely, Goat milk (GM), Egg-yolk-citrate (EYC) and powder milk (PM) to compare the relative merits among them. A total of 150 semen samples, 50 from each group were evaluated for the parameters like pH, motility, percent of normal spermatozoa and per cent of live spermatozoa. After preservation each samples were examined at an interval of 24 hours for 5 days. Almost all the parameters studied in this experiment differ significantly (P0.01) with three diluters and five periods. In case of per cent of normal spermatozoa, only periods differ significantly (P0.01). It was also ovserved that buck semen preserved better in EYC diluter than GM, and PM, and GM ranked second among the three diluters. However more work on this aspect providing adequate facilities is needed to conclude the efficiency of different diluters in preserving buck semen.

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Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science (Bangladesh)