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Calcium content in some commercially important fishes in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh  [1993]

Zafar, M. Hossain, Z. Mehdi, A. (Chittagong Univ. (Bangladesh). Inst. of Marine Sciences)

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Calcium content of six commercially important marine fishes was studied. In Lates calcarifer it was 536.5 mg/100 g, in Harpodon neherius 339.15 mg/100 g, in Stromateus argenteus 225.42 mg/100 g, in Tenuolosa ilisha 184.55/100 g, in Johnius argentatus 104.0 mg/100 g and in Sillago domina 18.5 mg/100 g. Largest quantity of calcium was present in Lates calcarifer.

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Chittagong University Studies Part II : Science (Bangladesh)