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Influence of the mode of the nitrogen fertilizers induction on the maize and wheat productivity  [2005]

Dimitrova, F. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Pchelarova, Kh. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Toncheva, R. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Bocheva, E. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) National Centre for Agrarian Science, Sofia (Bulgaria) [Corporate Author]

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On the basis of the data of 6th cycle of a many year field experiment, an attempt has been done to find the relative effect of the annual and supplying nitrogen fertilization on the yield, nitrogen uptake by plants with various combination of phosphorus and potassium fertilization. The experiment was conducted on leached chernozem (haplic vertisols, FAO) by the atention of maize (variety H-708) and wheat (variety Pliska). The changes in the yield of grain and secondary products and nitrogen uptake as well were determined annually and at the end of the 4-year period. Supplying nitrogen fertilization could not be recommended for the cultivation of maize. No differences were found in the plant uptake in the two mode of nitrogen fertilization the annual one and the supplying one.

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Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology

ISSN : 0861-9425