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Dinamics of leaf area index formation in maize grown under nonirrigated conditions in dependence of soil variety  [2006]

Dimitrov, I. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Stoyanov, P. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Toncheva, R. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Natsionalen Tsentar za Agrarni Nauki, Sofia (Bulgaria) [Corporate Author]

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The effect of soil variety, plant density and nitrogen fertilizer rate on the forming of leaf area index (LAI) during the vegetation period of maize has been analyzed. The investigation is based on the information, obtained from a three year multifactorial field experiment at non-irrigated conditions, conducted in two soil varieties. The optimal LAI values are obtained at plant density 6500 plants/da and the maximal leaf area values are determined on the vertisols.

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Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology

ISSN : 0861-9425