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Mineral fertilization and plant density choice of maize crop cultivated on two soil varieties  [2006]

Toncheva, R. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Dimitrov, I. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Stoyanov, P. (Institut po Pochvoznanie (N. Pushkarov), Sofia (Bulgaria)) Natsionalen Tsentar za Agrarni Nauki, Sofia (Bulgaria) [Corporate Author]

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Based on data of 3-year field experiment with maize (H 708 hybrid) on two soil varieties and different irrigation levels the economocally optimal nitrogen fertilizer rate and plant density have been estimated. The production and economic risks, depending on plant density, irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer rate have been analyzed. On the basis of these assessments it has made attempt to specify the technology of corn cultivation.

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Journal of Agricultural Science and Forest Science

ISSN : 1312-0751