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The Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) is a public research organization recently celebrating its 70th anniversary. Since 2000 the IAE is one of the main institutes within the National Centre for Agricultural Sciences, and the only one specialized in agrarian and rural economics research in Bulgaria.

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Journal article

Western European varieties of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) under conditions of Bulgaria  [2007]

Minovski, Ts.; Goranova, G.; PublishScieSet-Eco, Sofia (Bulgaria) [Corporate Author]

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The paper deals with the comparison of varieties of white clover originating from Denmark and Belgium with the Bulgarian variety Debyut. We used morphological and bioproductive indices under a hay-cutting regime created in a field experiment during the period of 2002-2004. Good survival and high seasonal and annual productivity were observed for A5030 and Merida under hay-cutting regime of use. The results of this study give good reason to study the adaptive potential of the mentioned two varieties, and of that of Alberta during several generations under the conditions of the central Balkan mountains. The large-leaved specimens had the same behaviour as the Bulgarian standard and showed lower persistence.

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Journal of Balkan Ecology (Bulgaria)

ISSN : 1311-0527