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The Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) is a public research organization recently celebrating its 70th anniversary. Since 2000 the IAE is one of the main institutes within the National Centre for Agricultural Sciences, and the only one specialized in agrarian and rural economics research in Bulgaria.



Exotic Zoonoses Among Dogs in Bulgaria. Summary of the Doctoral thesis for the scientific degree of  [2009]

Tsachev, I., Thracian University, Stara Zagora (Bulgaria); Thracian University, Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) [Corporate Author]

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In Bulgaria the exotic zoonoses monocytic ehrlichiosis and granulocytic anaplasmosis have never been studied. Canine visceral leishmaniasis was investigated, but the disease has not been detected. The unclear picture, the occurrence of the disease in some adjacent, countries, and the annual incidence of leishmaniasis among people in Bulgaria motivated the large-scale screening and investigation of these zoonoses. The clinical signs specific for monocytic ehrichiosis (2003) and granulocytic anaplasmosis (2008) in dogs was laboratory confirmed as well. Both diseases were detected for the first time in Bulgaria. A nosogeographical map of the distribution of E. canis in the country was made. The prevalence of A. phagocytophilum and b. burgdorferi was also investigated, Co-infection with E. canis/B. burgdorferi and E. canis/H. canis were also described. In 2006 autochthonic visceral leishmanisis has been detected in two dogs, and until the end of 2007 - another 10 cases were diagnosed, one of them transborder. Again, a complex diagnostic approach was used. A nosogeographical map of leishmania infantum distribution in border regions of Bulgaria with Turley and greece as well as in Greek and Turkish regions was made. Subclinical leishmaniasis has also been observed.