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The Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) is a public research organization recently celebrating its 70th anniversary. Since 2000 the IAE is one of the main institutes within the National Centre for Agricultural Sciences, and the only one specialized in agrarian and rural economics research in Bulgaria.

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Journal article

Study of productive capacity and nutritive value of perennial grass species in the region of Strandzha in terms of biological farming  [2012]

Stoeva, K., Agricultural Experimental Station, Sredetz (Bulgaria); Vateva, V., Institute of Soil Science ' N. Pushkarov', Sofia (Bulgaria); Todorova, P., Institute of Mountain Animal Stockbreeding and Agriculture, Troyan (Bulgaria); Institute of Mountain Animal Stockbreeding and Agriculture, Troyan (Bulgaria) [Corporate Author]

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During the period 2008 – 2010 year in Agricultural Experimental Station, Sredets was made an experiment with suitable perennial wheat and beans grass species for conditions of biological agriculture in Strandzha region. In the experiment take part the variants: Alfalfa, v. Pleven 6 – Standard; 2. Sainfoin, v. Ubileina; 3. Birdsfoot trefoil, v. Targovishte 1; 4. Orchard grass, v. Dabrava; 5. Awnless bromegrass, v. Nika; 6. Tall fescue, v. Albena; 7. Red fescue, v. Troyan; 8. Pasture ryegrass, v. Strandzha. The purpose of this experiment is to determine the productive possibilities and nutritive value of some perennial grass species, growing by the conditions of biological agriculture. By nature-climatic facts of Strandzha without to apply fertilized, the highest productivity average for experimental period from the leguminous grasses showed – alfalfa v. Pleven 6 with 122,3 kg/ha green and 60,1 kg/ha dry mass, and from the cereals grasses - Awnless bromegrass v. Nika with indexes according to 83,7 и 26,1 kg/ha. The chemical composition of the grasses species, cultured independent, show content of crude protein in the frames from 6,08% at the red fescue v. Troyan and 10,83% at the sainfoin v. Ubileina.

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Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans (Bulgaria)

ISSN : 1311-0489