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Journal Article

Journal article

Acute aerocistitis induced by thioglycolate, lipopolysaccharide and inactivated Aeromonas hydrophila in Piaractus mesopotamicus: hematological effects  [2013]

Julieta Rodini Engrácia de Moraes; Fabiana Rizzi Bozzo; Rodrigo O. A. Ozorio; Jair Rodin Engrácia Filho; et al.

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<p>The effects of swim bladder injection with thioglycolate, <em>Escherichia coli </em>lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and heat-inactivated <em>Aeromonas hydrophila </em>were assessed on hematological responses in pacu, <em>Piaractus mesopotamicus </em>(Characidae). A quantitative assessment was done on erythrocytes, thrombocytes e leucocytes at 6, 24, and 48 h pos-injection of the inflammatory agents and compared with fish injected with saline solution (control). Fish injected with inactivated <em>A.hydrophila </em>showed a reduction of erythrocytes and hemoglobin, whereas the hematocrit increased 6 h pos-injection.The results show that thioglycolate and LPS also induced a reduction on hemoglobin and an increase on the hematocrit. The thrombocytes count decreased 6 h post <em>A. hydrophila </em>injection, whereas increased 48 hours post LPS injection. The leukocytes count increased after 6 h post <em>A. hydrophila </em>injection, while the lymphocytes and PAS-positive granularleukocytes (PAS-LG) count decreased after 24 h post injection. In fish injected with thioglycolate or with LPS showed an increase in the LG-PAS counts when compared to <em>A. hydrophila </em>or control groups. The monocytes count was not affected by the different inflammatory agents.<strong></strong></p>

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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science

ISSN : 1678-4456