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Journal Article

Journal article

Immunogenicity evaluation of proteins from a Mycobacterium bovis isolated from cattle in the State of Goiás, Brasil  [2013]

Cinthya Marques Fortes; Bruno Souza Marques; Viviane Cambuí Mesquita Rocha; Ana Paula Junqueira-Kipnis;

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<p>Bovine tuberculosis, persists in several countries as a threat to health of the herds despite the efforts given to the control and eradication of the disease. In order to detect immunogenic proteins with a potential to be used in a bovine tuberculosis diagnosis test, serum samples obtained from reactors and no reactors to intradermal tuberculin test, were evaluated for reactivity to <em>Mycobacterium bovis </em>antigens from a bacilli originated in Goiás – Brazil. The proteins immunogenicity from <em>M. bovis </em>was obtained by Western blot according to the molecular weight profile. The majority of the PPD positive bovine (67.92%) recognized a protein with 26kDa, suggesting the use of this protein in a serological test for bovine tuberculosis.</p>

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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science

ISSN : 1678-4456