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Journal Article

Journal article

Comparison of the neuron bodies number in different gyrus of brain cortex of malnourished dogs  [2013]

Nara Carpinelli Caetano; Carla Martins de Melo; Denismar Alves Nogueira; Wagner Costa Rossi Junior; et al.

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<p>The aim of this study was to verify the quantitative alterations of the neurons bodies in the brain cortex of malnourished dogs. Seven brains of mongrel male dogs that were previously diagnosticated as malnourished were collected. The dog shad similar constitutionalist characteristics of cranium (mesaquicefalus). It was chosen different gyrus of the braincortex to been study; those gyrus were sampled, prepared according to conventional histological technique and stainedby modified cresil violet, for becoming evident the neurons bodies. The slides were analyzed with the 20x ocular. Our results indicate a expressive reduction in the number of neuron bodies in malnourished dogs (10,8), when compared with dogs in normal nutrition conditions (16,35). In conclusion, it’s possible that the malnutrition leads to an reduction of neurons bodies in brain cortex of dogs, when compared to those with normal condition of nutrition.</p>

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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science

ISSN : 1678-4456