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Journal article

[Bioelementhosis of animals]  [2006]

Kuchinskij, M.P.(The National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). The S.N.Vyshelesskij Inst. of Experimental Veterinary); Karput, I.M.; Kurdeko, A.P(Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine (Belarus));

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Theoretical analysis of several classifications basing on division of chemical elements according to the content level in animal body, selective accumulation in certain organs and tissues, physiological and biological role in body, importance in formation of organ of tissue structure and terminological problems of animal mineral exchange diseases was presented. Analysis of the following classifications of chemical elements systematization, physiological analysis and quantity content was presented: macroelements, microelements and ultramicroelements in animals; structural, vital or essential and conditionally essential; toxic and potentially toxic. Theoretical analysis of the term "bioelement" proposed for designation of chemical elements providing body vital functions and the term "bioelementhosis" – latent and clinically marked pathologic state of animals caused by the synchronous deficit, surplus or disbalance of macro- and microelements was stated. Classification of animal bioelemethosis was presented

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Эпизоотология. Иммунобиология. Фармакология. Санитария (Belarus). Epizootology. Immunology. Pharmacology. Sanitation