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[Efficiency of mixed fodders enrichment with sapropelic feed additives for the young stock of pigs]  [2006]

Gutikov, K.D. Pestis, P.V. Kovalevskij, V.F.,Grodno State Agrarian Univ. (Belarus)

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Research results of influence of sapropelic feed additives used together with the mixed fodders and protein and vitamin mineral additives in the rations of weanling piglets on nutrients digestibility and use were presented. Physiological studies of 3 groups (one control group and two experimental ones) of piglets of average live weight were conducted. Piglets of the second experimental group instead of mineral compound mixed fodders (chalk, solt, fluorine-free phosphate, premix) were fed with sapropelic feed additives in quantity of 3% of forage mass containing the following components: sapropel of carbonate type – 50%, precipitate – 37%, table salt – 13%. Piglets of the third experimental group were fed by the grain mixture and protein and vitamin mineral additives containing 10% sapropelic feed additives. Results of studies showed that application of sapropelic feed additives stimulated the metabolic processes in piglets. The coefficients of nutrients digestibility increased on 1,2-3,2%. Hematologic analysis showed that piglets of the third group had higher concentration of whole protein in blood on 5,9% in comparison with the control group. Concentration of erythrocytes and haemoglobin in the experimental groups increased on 4-4,5% and 5-8,4% accordingly. Use of sapropelic feed additives together with mixed fodders intensified the metabolic processes and increased the nitrogen sedimentation on 5,5–9,0%

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Известия Национальной академии наук Беларуси. Серия аграрных наук (Belarus). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Sciences Series

ISSN : 1817-7204