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[Forage quality and its safety. Communication 1. Quantity of hydrolyzed and peroxidized lipid products in grain, feed raw materials and compound feeds]  [2006]

Giris, D.A. Birman, B.Ya. Lysenko, A.P.,The National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). The S.N.Vyshelesskij Inst. of Experimental Veterinary Medicine Sukhenko, L.N. et al.

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Results of researches under the maintenance of acid and peroxide numbers of fat in native grain, grain-products, mixed fodders raw material and ready mixed fodders testify that quality and safety of made mixed fodders in many respects depend on a degree of oxidizing damage of fats of used raw material. An available vetereinary and sanitary specification does not provide normalization of parameters of acid and peroxide numbers of fat in grain raw material, products of its processing, albuminous and mineral additives. If the admissible level of acid number of fat in the given raw material should be accepted at a level of a parameter for mixed fodders (30 mg), the excess in the investigated samples of grain and grain products is noted in 43 % of tests, in albuminous and mineral additives - in 30 % of the investigated tests. In this connection the actual is the problem of studying of dynamics of hydrolysis and lipids oxidation of grain raw material for manufacture of mixed fodders during preparation and the subsequent storage at the enterprises of mixed fodders industry and the agricultural organizations. Besides it is necessary to study processes of freely radical lipids oxidation in ready mixed fodders during their manufacture, storage and use. It is necessary for the scientifically-proved regulation of parameters of oxidizing lipids damage in raw material for manufacture of mixed fodders, periodicity and terms of the control of these parameters and a substa
ntiation of terms of safe use of mixed fodders products

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Эпизоотология. Иммунология. Фармакология. Санитария (Belarus). Epizootology. Immunology. Pharmacology. Sanitation (Belarus)