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[Calfimilk replace from local raw materials]  [2006]

Golushko, V.M. Goryachev, I.I. Pilyuk, S.N.,National Academy of Sciences. Scientific and Practical Center of Animal Breeding (Belarus) Perednya, V.I,National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization

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Now on drinking of calves use or whole milk in quantity from 250 up to 400 litres of milk on one calf or the liquid forage restored from various dry components, made on dairy factories. Many facilities are compelled to prepare for local substitutes, making fodder mixes from available forages. Such forages, as a rule, are defective, and it is impossible to recommend them for mass introduction. But the idea of use local grain crops in structure of whole milk substitutes is worthy. For definition of opportunity of reception of a homogeneous mix from separate kinds of grain forage and mixes of grain forage the basic research at various modes of processing were lead. Use of wet thermal treatment of grain forage allows to receive finely divided homogeneous mass which can be quite used at preparation of a substitute of whole milk. At application wet thermal treatment of grain forage in the received product the quantity of sugar and free amino acids increases, and cellulose decreases. The most comprehensible temperature mode of preparation of grain forage for preservation of vitamins, is a mode, limited by the size no more 90°С at endurance 15-20 minutes

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Зоотехническая наука Беларуси (Belarus). Zootechnical Science of Belarus