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Journal article

[Evaluation of the collection samples of string bean by its adaptive potential]  [2008]

Dosina, E.S., National Academy of Sciences. Scientific and Practical Center for Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Growing (Belarus). Institute for Vegetable Growing; Anokhina, V.S.; Sauk, I.B., Belarus State Univ., Minsk (Belarus);

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Results of the evaluation of the adaptive potential of 26 collection variety samples of string bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivated in the different climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus (in Minsk and Gomel regions) were presented. In course of the realized genetic and statistical assessment the following characters of crop productive and yielding capacity were studied: weight and quantity of seeds, weight and quantity of beans per plant. On the basis of the evaluation of the selective value of string bean genotypes of Roma 2, 2Lota Saxa, Sekunda, Sevs, Festine, Nicelo, Neizvestnyj belyj, Cafeton and Zolotoe vremya varieties there were selected the initial forms possessing the genetic flexibility and stability parameters for the formation of new recombinants. In course of seed quantity character evaluation there were revealed no varieties combining high adaptive and relative stability. Also, there were revealed no variety samples combining high indices of genotype adaptive ability together with the relative stability ones. Results of study of the general and specific adaptive parameters of bean genotypes made it possible to determine the most favourable conditions for cultivation of string bean genotypes

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Ovoshchevodstvo (Belarus)

ISSN : 0201-8411