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Exchange of calcium and phosphorus in brood sows with the introduction of L-carnitine into their diet  [2009]

Sidorenko, R.P., Belarus State Academy of Agriculture, Gorki (Belarus) Korneev, A.V., Breeding Farm Lenino, Gorki (Belarus)

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We have examined the level of calcium and phosphorus exchange in the organism of brood sows when L-carnitine has been introduced into their diet in a doze of 50 mg/kg. Sows of the experimental group have a better digestion of calcium and phosphorus and reserve them in the body. In the blood serum of sows the concentration of total calcium has been increased and supported the optimum relation between given macrocells. The calcium deposition in the body of sows of the experimental group has been grown by 34,4%, and phosphorus – by 44,5%. The reservation of calcium and phosphorus in the body of sows during gestation promotes the best provision of pigs with macrocells in the milk composition. Introducing L-carnitine into the diet of sows during the last third of pregnancy promotes the multiple pregnancy and piglet birth weight, and increases the growth rate and safety of pigs during lactation

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

ISSN : 1817-7204