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Genetic polymorphism of lactoproteins and influence of beta-Lg locus on milk production indices of sheep of karakul breed  [2009]

Lupolova, T.A., Mozyr State Pedagogical Univ. (Belarus) Petku, V.S., State Agricultural Univ. of Moldova, Kishinev (Moldova)

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The scientific research has shown that in the milk of the studied animals there was noted the polymorphism of the following milk proteins: alphaS1Cn, betaCn, kCn, and betaLg. In the locus alphaS1Cn there were detected three alleles with the highest frequency for alphaS1CnВ type – 0.9354. In the locus betaCn there were two alleles with the highest frequency betaCnА type of 0,5988. The loci of kCn and betaLg genes were characterized by the presence of two alleles with the highest frequency for the types kCnA (0,7581) and betaLgА (0,6776). The studied population was at the stage of genetic equilibrium. Thus, the ascertained polymorphism could be widely used as a biochemical test for the evaluation of the state of breed gene pool and also for predicting the productive qualities of analysed animals

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

ISSN : 1817-7204