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World food crisis and threats in the food sphere  [2009]

Ilyina, Z.M., National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Institute of System Studies in Agro - Industrial Complex

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The modern aspects of world food crisis are considered. The factors and reasons, such as system-economic, ecological and economic, etc., which account for the world food crisis, are revealed. The essence of the concept of the so-called threat of food safety is explained. The classification of threats is developed and their indicators are proposed. The mechanism of revealing and anticipation of food safety threats, which can be realized at regional, national, state regional association levels, are offered. The role of international organizations, such as UNO, FAO and WTO in the liquidation of food crisis and guarantee of international food security is analyzed. The prevention of the threats in the food sphere on the global level is presented. The mechanism of the revealing of the food threats is analyzed. The most dangerous factors, such as the globalization of the international food market, price increase, import decline, production structure decline and low domestic market level, which can create the threats for safety in the food sphere under modern conditions and which must, constantly, be taken into account, are revealed

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series

ISSN : 1817-7204